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New Art Exhibit in Bolton Hall: Cyanotypes

Featuring the work of Green Meadow High School Students

February 16, 24

In the Green Meadow high school photography elective, the students have been exploring the alternative photography process of making cyanotypes, which are cyan-blue monochromatic print. Using computer software, they convert their color photos into black and white, adjust the tone, and contrast their images, and invert them into large negatives. Their negatives are contact-printed onto light-sensitive paper, exposed to the sun or inside a UV light box, and then developed in a water bath. 

During the process the students became skilled at how to determine correct exposure and development times. They also experimented with toning their cyanotypes into different colors using tea, as well as painting directly on their images to alter them. The development process can be unpredictable at times and the students are adept at troubleshooting any problems that arise. 

Please enjoy a sampling of their work, on display now in Bolton Hall of Hilltop House at the Fellowship Community. 


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