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Happy to be here.

"I have been living here 5 years now and not only am I happy, but my kids are too. It's appeal to me originally was the opportunity to live in a home-like friendly place and have a meaningful, productive rest of my life. I can be in the company of others as often as I like or be off on my own for a long walk or doing nothing in solitude.


The grounds are woodsy & natural with small gardens tended by residents. Meals are wholesome, delicious and made by a staff eager to please. Volunteer opportunities abound and you can be as involved as you want to be. I have become the inhouse seamstress, so if you have mending to be done, I'm here. The decision to live in Fellowship Community has proven to be the best one for me." - Pat

Happiest and most fulfilling years of my life

"My years living at the Fellowship Community, have been some of the happiest and most fulfilling of my life: wonderful, interesting people of all ages; a rich social, intellectual and cultural life, many opportunities to contribute actively and meaningfully in the life and work of the community, beautiful, natural surroundings, including a working organic, vegetable and dairy farm, great homegrown, food, sensitive, skilled and loving caregivers and employees, responsive administration.


Having young children in my life again, is a special joy, and the surrounding 80 acres of woodland, gardens, meadows, and streams bring inexhaustible inspiration. Our larger community hosts conferences, and attracts teachers, speakers and performers of international renown throughout the year. I can imagine no other place on earth, which could so completely satisfy my every need and promise me a rich and fulfilling life, even as my physical capacities and health decline with age." - Larry C.

 A Family Atmosphere

"Residents and staff get to know each other well enough that a family atmosphere is created. Spacious woods and open fields make a healthy environment. The opportunity to participate in maintenance of grounds, office, baking etc. Makes me feel at home." - Judith

Happy New Independent Member

"I moved to The Fellowship in February 2023. I had the opportunity to move into a brand new ten-unit building, but I ultimately opted for an apartment in a smaller former carriage barn with three units at the edge of the woods. I have easy access to healthcare, even as an independent member. I have been welcomed into a lively and warm intergenerational community where diverse spirituality is alive. Independence is encouraged, but help is also easily accessible.


When I choose not to cook for myself, I can enjoy organic food at every meal served in the dining room. There are opportunities for volunteering in gardens, arts and crafts, woodworking, etc. if you so choose—I particularly enjoy spending time in the gardens." - Caro

New Beginnings

"I could not be happier than I am here at the Fellowship. The environment, the people, the daily life, the cultural activities, the caretakers-everything is absolutely lovely. I do not see this as an end of life place but rather as a new beginning of life environment." - Lucille

An Active Retirement

"I came to the community as a co-worker 30 years ago and as a retiree, I volunteer 6 to 7 hours a week and appreciate that I can contribute in a meaningful way. There are many activities that were new to me: watercolor painting, pottery for example. I feel that with support of this community, learning never stops until our last day on Earth." - Anonymous

Feels Like Summer Camp

"The Fellowship Community is like a summer camp. Apartments are cabins in the woods. Many activities are outdoors like gardening and hiking. There is a Waldorf school connection, so there are lots of children around. New York resources at rural prices." - Anonymous

A Great Place to Live

"The Fellowship Community is located on beautiful grounds where independent members can walk and wheelchairs have access. There is a deep sense of caring by staff and amongst community members themselves. There is always someone on call to help 24/7." - Anonymous

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