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Our Co-Workers

A co-worker’s experience at the Fellowship is unique, in that it allows for experience across a variety of activities, from eldercare to farming, from the weavery to the cafe or kitchen, from the pottery studio to the candle studio, and beyond .


We are an intergenerational community whose elder members are surrounded by, and interact with, people of all ages, including young families. We are seeking people interested in living on campus and working full-time, who will take part in a community-building process. Our community forms were inspired by the threefold social structure envisioned by Rudolf Steiner. We are committed to renewing these forms in a modern way.


We live on 80 acres of mixed woodland and pastures and run our own biodynamic farm, which provides us with delicious food. We maintain the inside and the outside of our buildings ourselves to a large extent. Two anthroposophical doctors and several other therapists practice on site. We enjoy a vibrant artistic and cultural life rooted in anthroposophy.

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