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Planned Giving

Fellowship Community Legacy Circle

For many years, our Members and friends have included the Fellowship Community in their estate plans. To recognize these contributions, we are happy to formally announce the creation of the Fellowship Community Legacy Circle.

The Legacy Circle recognizes those who include the Fellowship Community in their future plans through a bequest, in a will, trust, real estate, life insurance or life income gifts. You may become a member of the Legacy Circle simply by notifying us that you have named the Fellowship Community in your will or estate plan, and by completing a Declaration of Intent form, obtained from the Foundation Office.


Gifts to the Fellowship Community Legacy Circle are acts of love and hope for the future. Through your thoughtful commitment and generosity, the Fellowship Community will be well equipped to serve our community for generations to come.

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Profile on Legacy Circle Member, Madeline Blumbek

The Fellowship Community Legacy Circle was started to honor those who have made provisions for the Fellowship Community in their estate plans.  We hope many more people will consider us and join the growing membership of the Legacy Circle.


Current Fellowship Community Member Madeline Blumbek recently made such a  commitment, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude for her thoughtfulness and generosity. 


When asked why she made a provision for the Fellowship, Madeline said, “The Fellowship Community has meant so very much to me ever since I discovered it in my early 50’s.  Through the Fellowship I found Anthroposophy and attended the yearlong Foundation Class, at the end of which I realized, “Oh my God, I’ve found God.”  I purchased a house within walking distance and started going to the community 5 days a week.  I worked in the gardens, cleaned, provided care for the elderly, did handwork and more.  I experienced how the elderly thrived in the loving kindness they received.  I want others to receive the same after I cross the threshold into the spiritual world.”

Katherine Scharff, Chair of the Fellowship Community’s Board of Trustees added, “I would like to express deep gratitude to Madeline and to all those who have made provisions for the Fellowship Community in their estate plans.  Legacy gifts are transformational and help sustain the vitality and growth of the Fellowship Community.”

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For more information about the Fellowship Community Legacy Circle and how to make gifts through your estate, contact Peter Heatley at 845-356- 8494 ext. 1131 or via email at

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