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We did It! We Rebuilt PINE LODGE!

With Your Help, We Rebuilt Pine Lodge! 

Donate now to support the Fellowship Community!

On Sunday, May 31, 2020 a fire started in Pine Lodge, where 11 retired elders and 2 co-workers lived, and where our community guest accommodations and Weavery were located.

Thankfully all 13 residents and guests of Pine Lodge were able to get out safely. Unfortunately, the building and all personal belongings were destroyed. It's was a monumental loss for the entire Fellowship Community.

While insurance covered a large portion of the cost for rebuilding Pine Lodge, the Fellowship Community needed to raise an additional $1,200,000 for the building. With your help, we reached our initial fundraising goal in June 2022, in time for the new building to open in July 2023. Thank you!

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