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Rebuild Pine Lodge

With Your Help, We Can Rebuild What Was Lost 

Donate now to help rebuild Pine Lodge! 

On Sunday, May 31, 2020 a fire started in Pine Lodge, where 11 retired elders and 2 co-workers lived, and where our community guest accommodations and Weavery were located.

Thankfully all 13 residents and guests of Pine Lodge were able to get out safely. Unfortunately, the building and all personal belongings were destroyed. It's a monumental loss.

Since then, we have received generous financial support for our campaign to provide temporary auxiliary housing for displaced residents and to help replace lost items that were not covered by insurance. 

Thanks to the loving support of 792 donors who contributed more than $300,000, not only did we exceed our phase 1 campaign goal, we also ensured that all 13 residents of Pine Lodge were provided with temporary housing and basic needs. 


Next, we turn our attention to the design of a new Pine Lodge and the planning of a Comprehensive Campaign, to be launched in the Spring of 2022. Thank you!