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Fellowship Medical Center

Welcome to an approach to healing which extends conventional medicine through a use of Anthroposophic primary care providers and associated therapists.

The practice is located on the campus of the Fellowship Community, helping to support the geriatric care practices as well as the Otto Specht School, biodynamic agriculture, and the community at large.

About Our Approach...

Our doctors practice an integrative medical approach to healing inspired by the research of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, utilizing the best of conventional medicine and non-traditional healing arts such as mental health counseling, Rhythmical Massage, Alexander Technique, Spatial Dynamics, Therapeutic Eurythmy.

For adults, we specialize in consulting for chronic ailments including cardiovascular, neurological, auto-immune, cancer support, Lyme disease, and digestive ailments. We believe that prevention and early childhood development are key to long term health and support preventative approaches to pediatrics and children with developmental challenges. 

We have an individualized approach to health based on finding the causes, not simply treating the symptoms of the disease. This requires a strong relationship between the patient and healthcare provider.

Contact us now at:

(845) 356-8494, ext 1

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