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Our Therapists


Julia Karnow, Eurythmy Therapy

As a movement therapist, Julia guides you in learning specific exercises to support the treatment of different illnesses. Eurythmy therapy is available for children and adults. Through the practice of these movements your innate healing capacities are awakened and enhanced to bring back balance and well-being.


To set up an appointment with Julia please contact 845-356-8494 ext. 1 or send an email to:


Lawrence Carter, Alexander Technique

A graduate of Harvard College (cum laude, class of 1970), and a founder and, for six years, managing director of the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, and Nelson, N.H., Larry has been teaching the Alexander technique since 1981, after training four years at the Boston Center for the Alexander Technique with Joe Armstrong. His Alexander training has been supplemented by a five-year training in Spacial Dynamics (graduated IS 6 in 2002) and 25 years' living with and studying Rudolph Steiner's anthroposophy. The emphasis of the work is on self-education through developing a very accurate and subtle perception of balance, habits of posture, movement, and expression. 


Though the focus appears to be on learning a refined bodily awareness and physical skill, it can result in significant health benefits, such as relief from joint and muscle problems, chronic pain, stiffness, and incomplete recovery from injuries; and lead to improved coordination and posture, breathing and vocal production, general health, energy, and self-esteem. 
Perhaps most important in the end, it provides a way of learning progressively to deepen our understanding of ourselves and of what it is to be human.

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