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Mercury Press

Mercury Press is pleased to announce its new home with SteinerBooks!

Looking for a specific title? Visit now to find many Mercury Press titles at their new home. 

Dear Friends, Supporters and Customers,                                                                                                                  January 2022

For close to 40 years, Mercury Press has been a workshop supported by the Members, Coworkers and Volunteers of the Fellowship Community. Changes in the human and financial resources of the Community informed the decision to seek a new home for its publishing/book production work.

Originally started in the early 1970s, Mercury Press was formed to document current, worldwide Anthroposophic medical initiatives and to fulfill the printing needs of the Community. The mission of the Press grew to include making little known works by Rudolf Steiner and other writers inspired by his heart’s thinking, available at minimal cost despite the increased costs of production. That objective resulted in the need for people with the necessary skills to come forward. No longer is this happening; the three remaining co-workers have moved on to retirement, strengthening health and to a life outside of the community. There is an awareness that the vitality of any endeavor carries change within.

We are confident that Mercury Press publications will continue to thrive―and achieve a new look with SteinerBooks. Highlights over the years include: The Human Life by George and Gisela O’Neil and Florin Lowndes, What Are We Really Eating? by Otto Wolff, Form Drawing by Hans Niederhauser and Margaret Frohlich and a bi-lingual edition of Fundamentals of Therapy by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman, and most recently, Therapeutic Eye Eurythmy by Daniela Armstrong.

Several books in series were produced, including: Healing Plants (Vol. 1-3) by Wilhelm Pelikan; Who Was Ita Wegman (Vol. 1-4) by J.E. Zeylmans van Emmichoven; The Anthroposophic Approach to Medicine (Vol. 2-3) by Friedrich Husemann and Otto Wolff; Waldorf Schools (Vol. 1-2) compiled by Ruth Pusch; Buzzy and the River Rats (Vol. 1-4) by John Hoffman and A Guide to Understanding Healing Plants (Vol. 1-2) by Jochen Bockemühl.

Other highlights over the years include translations of Rudolf Steiner’s Course for Young Doctors, The Riddle of Man and Riddles of the Soul, along with numerous single lectures, including: Brotherhood and the Struggle for Existence, Social and Anti-Social Forces, Anthroposophy and the Social Question, and The Spirit in the Realm of Plants.

Thank you for your good will during this time of transition. Additional details will be forthcoming as the process unfolds on the SteinerBooks website.

Your past support for our work is sincerely appreciated as we hope for the best moving forward. We trust that you will continue to support Anthroposophic literature as it continues to evolve.


The Fellowship Community

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