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Ensuring Compassionate Eldercare

In Hilltop House

At the Fellowship Community, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment where every member of the community is valued and cared for with dignity and compassion. Central to this mission is Hilltop House, the main building on campus that is dedicated to offering specialized support for those who require extra assistance with daily living.

Hilltop House is more than just a residence, it’s a place where individuals find solace, community, and the support they need in their later years. From personalized care plans to engaging activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit, we strive to create a holistic approach to eldercare that celebrates each individual’s unique journey.

Liz, the daughter of a member living in Hilltop House, shares her heartfelt gratitude for the support her mother is getting. “The Fellowship has been a godsend for our family. My mother is cared for with kindness and thoughtful attentiveness. There is incredible music, performances, movies, and book groups for her to engage with. The location is beautiful, and I love taking her to the farm that is on the grounds to see where some of her food comes from!”

Providing this level of care requires resources, and as a 501c3 nonprofit, the Fellowship relies on the generosity of our donors to help support the needs of our members. Contributions to the community play a crucial role in ensuring that we can continue to offer financial assistance to some members who require it, allowing them to receive personalized, loving care in Hilltop House.

As we look to the future, we do so with gratitude for the richness of life experienced within our community and anticipation for the continued growth and evolution that lies ahead. We thank you for being a vital part of the community’s extended family, and invite you to join us in sustaining the legacy of love that has defined the Fellowship Community for nearly 58 years. Together, we can ensure that every member receives the care they deserve in their later years, surrounded by compassion and a sense of belonging.


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