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Year Two: The Skills Immersion Program Returns for Fall 2021!

Dear Friends,

The Fellowship Community is pleased to announce the second year of Skills Immersion Program starting in the fall of 2021!

The Skills Immersion Program is an alternative, year-long program for ages 18-25 who are interested in learning new life skills and would enjoy hands-on, meaningful work. The program includes free room & board plus a monthly stipend.

Learn how to:

  • Live in Community

  • Care for Elders

  • Produce Biodynamic Food - Seed to Table

  • Manage a Cow Herd - Pasture Management, Milking and Yogurt Production

  • Bake Homemade Bread and Desserts

  • Manage Land and Forests

  • Mill and Chop Firewood

  • And more!

Plus! Elective Workshops: Pottery, Metal Shop, Candle Making, Weavery, Wood-Working, and our Printing Press. Goal: The aim of this program is to inspire and equip you with a breadth and depth of practical skills, to help you feel capable in dreaming and building new endeavors, through reciprocal care and work with our community.

Program starts:  September 1, 2021

Application deadline: Before or on May 15, 2021

To learn more about the Skills Immersion Program or to apply please visit this link

Sincere Thanks,

Your Friends at the Fellowship

PS: Please forward this page to anyone you think might be interested!


The Fellowship Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit inter-generational community serving the needs of elders through the phases of aging, from independent apartment living to more direct care, all the way through the end of life, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy.


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Thank You!


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