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Skills Immersion Program

Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

This will be the second year of the Skills Immersion Program at the Fellowship Community in Chestnut Ridge, New York.


Ages 18-25-ish. Includes Free Room & Board plus Monthly Stipend.


Learn how to:

  • Live in Community

  • Care for Elders

  • Produce Biodynamic Food - Seed to Table

  • Manage a Cow Herd - Pasture Management, Milking and Yogurt Production 

  • Bake Homemade Bread and Desserts

  • Manage Land and Forests

  • Mill and Chop Firewood

  • And more!

Plus! Elective Workshops:  Pottery, Metal Shop, Candle Making, Weavery, Wood-Working, and our Printing Press. 


The aim of this program is to inspire and equip you with a breadth and depth of practical skills, to help you feel capable in dreaming and building new endeavors, through reciprocal care and work with our community.

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Testimonial: Tristen

2020-21 Skills Immersion Program Participant


"The Skills Immersion Program at the Fellowship Community has been a great learning opportunity for me!


From milking cows to handling a small herd to becoming a trained caregiver (among many other things), I’ve gotten the chance to improve practical and hands-on skills, as well as interpersonal ones.


There’s always a kind face or a connection to be made in the community and I’ve certainly made some good friends.


It’s always a fun time living and working alongside them!"

Skills Immersion Program: Areas of Focus

Care Training

  • Learn hands on elder and end of life care, the heart of our community! This training, matched with experience, will last a lifetime and ready you for future jobs if ever interested.  


  • Learn all that goes into readying a 100 person meal, incorporating fresh foods from our farm and gardens and access to a beautiful herb garden right outside the kitchen windows.

Herd Management

  • Help manage a herd of around 10 milking cows with calves being born each spring, from pasture rotation on 30 acres, animal health, to milking and other daily chores.

Dairy Products 

  • Milking, yogurt creation and distribution. Learn to operate our dairy room, making consistently delicious yogurt and pasteurized as well as raw milk! 

Printing Press

  • In our publishing and print shop you will learn about printing, binding, editing, collating, and shipping printed works.

Laundry and Rounds

  • The less glorious but life-long skills of tending to our things, whether that be the tricks of stain removal or making sure everyone has the hygiene supplies they need 


  • Learn to bake the bread, granola, pizza, and sweets needed by the community, with breads such as: sourdough, cinnamon raisin swirl, white, oat, multi grain, gluten free, and more

Vegetable Growing

  • Using Biodynamic practices to supply food to the fellowship community, local food co-op, cafe, CSA, and farm-stand, on 10 acres of cultivated land. We incorporate draft horses and tractors alike, care for honey bees, create beautiful rich compost, and hay our fields! 


  • With such a large and long established community, there is no shortage of upkeep needs in our many buildings, which are perfect hands on learning opportunities. These opportunities include plumbing, wood work, remodeling, and problem solving among many more. 

Forest Management 

  • Learn how to do tree assessment and removal, sawmill operation, and firewood splitting


Who is it For?:

This program is for people looking to build resilience and better life-ways grounded in community oriented practical skills. While it is open to all adults, it is catered to young adults 18-25ish searching for alternative ways forward in these uncharted times, who are interested in the relationship of human, land, and community stewardship.


Application deadline: On or before July 31, 2021

Response from us: Within 2 weeks of receiving your application


Confirmation from you: With 1 week after acceptance from us


Program Dates are (approximately) September 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022 


To apply, download complete this application and email it to

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