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Remembering Barbara Kilmarten

Barabara lived as a Co-worker and a Member of the Fellowship Community for over 43 years of her life.

Barabara C. Kilmartin, born on November 15th, 1936 in Schleswig Holstein Germany. She came to the USA when she was a young teenager to Charlston NY with her parents and 6 siblings. She attended Fonda Fultonville School District in Upstate New York.

Barabara was a loving mother of 7 Children and attended a Baptist church on a regular basis while the kids where growing up. Her passion was providing for her family, cooking, baking and knitting. She would be the first person to offer anyone help. Everyone always spoke of Barbara as a very kindhearted, and loving person who always thought of others before thinking of herself.

Barbara Kilmarten (left) at a meeting of Co-workers in 1979.

Barbara was a well known and respected Member and Co-worker of the Fellowship Community for over 43 years. She is survived by her son Andreas, five siblings, and several grandchildren.

Barbara is Predeceased by her daughter Barbara Jane, father Ludwig, mother Martha, who lived at the fellowship, and her brother Eckhart.

May her soul forever be at peace!


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