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We're (More Than) Half Way There!

Together, we've raisedover $163,000 to help the elderly residents who were displaced due the recent fire at Pine Lodge!

Dear Friends,

We've reached an inspiring milestone... With your support, we've raised more than half of the $300,000 needed in our first phase of fundraising for Pine Lodge!

These funds will be used to provide temporary auxiliary housing and will replace lost items that were not covered by insurance for the elder members who lost their homes in the Pine Lodge fire

We have reached this critical half-way point because of your support, and everyone at the Fellowship Community is so grateful for all that has been given. 

To reach our goal, we are asking you to help spread the word about the fire at Pine Lodge with your own family and friends. 

In addition to asking them to join you in supporting the Fellowship Community, you can let them know why the Fellowship Community, or someone who lives here, is so important to you. You can share with them a story or memory that you have about the Fellowship, and let them know how devastating this fire has been to all of those who lost their homes and to the entire community.

With your continued commitment and generosity, we are sure to reach our goal of $300,000 and provide homes for the seniors who lost them.

If you have not had an opportunity to make a gift in support of our Rebuild Pine Lodge Campaign, please consider making a gift today and ask your family and friends to join you, too!

With All of Our Thanks,

The Development & Fundraising Group


Make a Real Difference...

to help Rebuild Pine Lodge!


The Fellowship Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit inter-generational community serving the needs of elders through the phases of aging, from independent apartment living to more direct care, all the way through the end of life, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. 


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And use the hashtag #RebuildPineLodge

Your support makes all the difference. Thank You!


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