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Threefold Community Farm

In 2018, The Pfeiffer Center of Threefold Educational Foundation, with its mission of practical education in Biodynamics for children and adults, and Duryea Farm of the Fellowship Community, which emphasizes production to meet the needs of the elder Members and Co-workers, began collaborating under one management team. The joint entity is guided by the pillars of Biodynamic land care, education, and production through service, with a goal of creating a larger farm organism, ensuring the longevity of Biodynamic farming in the lower Hudson Valley region.

We would like to share that this collaboration has now been re-birthed as Threefold Community Farm, with a new mission that clarifies and reaffirms the impulses of our origin:

We firmly believe that the future of agriculture lies in our social capacity to unite around the health and longevity of the Earth. Biodynamics offers a voice in the chorus of others practicing spiritual landcare and the development of networks of small, diversified farms that are thoroughly integrated into their local communities. We recognize the ancient streams of spiritual agriculture from which Biodynamics shares its roots, and honor the indigenous wisdom and practices that have come before us

Volunteers, Co-workers and Members all help strip herbs.

Threefold Community Farm hosts opportunities for engagement with the natural world to everyone from school-aged children to elder Members of the Fellowship Community. Members can have enriching experiences by working side by side with our farmers preparing dried herbs for their teas, cleaning seed crops that have been grown and saved right on the farm, and tending seedlings in the greenhouse that will be transplanted in the field, and later harvested and turned into delicious meals.

We create land-based festivals for the whole community that mark significant seasonal shifts like our Dandelion Festival where we witness the cows tasting their first spring grasses and pick dandelion blossoms for our Biodynamic compost preparations.

Cows are decorated for the Dandelion Festival.

Another festival is our Pea Social which starts with planting pea seeds together in early Spring, and culminates in early June with everyone gathered around a massive pile of ripened pea plants to separate the pods and share stories.

We are grateful to be a farm that is truly centered around community!


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