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"The View from Here" by Rica Rock

Rica Rock is a Member of the Fellowship Community living in Lady Slipper Lodge, with windows that face directly towards Pine Lodge next door. It provided her with a unique view of the situation on the day of the fire, and of what it left behind.

"From my recliner in Lady Slipper Lodge at the Fellowship Community, I see a bit of deciduous forest, mostly beech and oak trees. They supply shade as well as dancing leaves and, on windy occasions, swaying trunks. In winter they embellish the sun rays streaming into my two-room apartment. I can also see the charred remains of Pine Lodge. 

The picture I’d like to convey is of a community of diverse individuals– one could say individualists, who are, as witnessed, capable of rising to the enormous challenges of losing Pine Lodge to a massive fire which consumed nearly all the possessions of the 13 people who lived there. It also housed our Weavery, and our 3-room lodging for overnight visitors. This, as we were learning to adjust to the restraints brought on by the Corona virus pandemic.

Clothing and furniture, linens, personal care products, cell phones, computers, handbags, credit cards, ID’s, radios, coat hangers, kitchen utensils and dishes – all were lost to the fire."

Rica Rock tending one of her beautiful gardens at the Fellowship.

"The rapid response from the surrounding community was remarkable. Within the Fellowship Community, immediate emergency housing was found for everyone.

In a day or two, Willi’s Workport became a 'free store,' where donations of all of the above were received from neighbors far and wide. Moving vans appeared, loaded with items from the nearby mosque, a local Catholic congregation, and the Green Meadow Waldorf School families.

At present, most of those early urgent needs have been met, although final restoration of Pine Lodge is expected to take up to two years to complete."

"We are resilient, creative, and can seem to work miracles in a crisis. And this is a crisis now: to provide temporary housing for those who lost their homes in the fire, and to rebuild Pine Lodge"

This kind of support will help the Fellowship carry forward the commitment we Members are counting on – that we will be able to stay here, at the Fellowship Community, until our crossing over has occurred, and continue to receive the loving care provided here."

- Rica Rock, Fellowship Community Member since 2013


You can support all of the seniors who lost their homes in the fire at Pine Lodge by clicking here.


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Thank You!


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