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Support Retired Waldorf Teachers Affected by Fire

$20,000 Matching Challenge Grant to support retired Waldorf Teachers affected by a devastating fire.

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Former Waldorf Teacher Beth Scherer describes life at the Fellowship Community.

Elizabeth Scherer, a retired Waldorf teacher from the Waldorf School of Garden City, lives as a Member of the Fellowship Community.

"Fourteen years ago a pink dogwood was blooming on the lawn outside of my newly acquired apartment in Pine Lodge, a haven where I could live and breathe while my husband, Joe, was being looked after in the care unit of Hilltop House. I could be independent, yet also able to be with Joe as often as I wished.

We met for lunch and supper each day at the Quiet Table, and for programs of music, eurythmy, lectures, and celebrations of the seasons and holidays. I could feed him and be with him when he was confined to his bed. The thoughtful, loving care that filled his day was comforting to watch. But there was also time for healing by walking along wooded paths or up the road to the farm to see the cows.

Fifteen months later Joe crossed the threshold, taking his last breath in his room and bed. Then I could take advantage of volunteering for some gardening and weeding, for helping set up the main dining room for meals, and for continuing to help with others still at the Quiet Table. I had the opportunity to re-establish our fine library, and serve as librarian

I felt a part of the ebb and flow of life at the Fellowship Community. When the last couple of years brought surgeries, a move to the assisted living section of Hilltop House was an easy transition. I have a room with a lovely view, and with services and care geared exactly to my needs."

Beautiful flowers, such as this pink dogwood, adorn the campus of the Fellowship Community.

"Now, as it has been all along, there are Anthroposophical study groups to join and various programs, including water color painting, movement, working in the pottery barn, weaving, knitting, wood working, therapeutic speech, and listening to well read stories.

I now can boast of learning a new craft,  the making of jewelry, to sell at our Christmas Festival. Breath-taking, highly professional, eurythmy performances take place within walking distance. The Christian Community Church is close by."


Make a gift to the Fellowship Community in honor or in memory of your favorite teacher and, it will automatically be doubled, up to $20,000!

Now through Oct 1, 2020


"It is a joy to have other former Waldorf School teachers among us at the Fellowship, who enrich life for all out of their expertise, and to have glimpses of student activities at the Green Meadow Waldorf School and Otto Specht School, along with programs offered by the adjacent Threefold Educational Foundation.

It is heartening that some of our Co-workers, single or as a family, live on campusand young Waldorf School graduates work among us for various periods of time before moving on. Before the onset of the virus, young students from Germany and South America, many of them also graduates from Waldorf schoolschose us for a year of service, and we expect will again in the future."

The ruined remains of Pine Lodge at the Fellowship Community after a fire destroyed it earlier this past Summer.

"We are a diverse community made up of infants, young people, old people - a vibrant community that goes from births through deaths. One can, if one wishes, find continuing inner growth up to the time of transition. The invitation is there.

Will you consider helping our community with a donation to the Waldorf Matching Challenge Grant, to help those who were affected by the fire that destroyed Pine Lodge, my first home at the Fellowship?

Thank you for your consideration! Your support will not only help the people who were displaced from Pine Lodge, but also generations of retired Waldorf teachersyet to take up residence at the Fellowship Community."

Beth Scherer, Fellowship Community Member since 2006


We're 82% there! With your help, we've raised over $247,000 to help the residents who were displaced due the fire at Pine Lodge!

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Thank You!


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