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A letter from the Administrator of the Fellowship Community

Dear Friends, May 2020

A few months ago, a tiny virus entered our lives and shook the whole world awake! Across the globe, our old habits have been swept away as we consider what is truly important to us. In this small corner of Chestnut Ridge, the Fellowship Community has been a safe and healthy community for almost fifty- three years. With gratitude, I can report that our Co-workers and Members continue to be well, owing largely to our medical professionals and care support team.

To protect those vulnerable elders who live here, both in Hilltop House and in our independent lodges, we responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing preventative measures-- restricting visitors, instituting enhanced hygienic practices and social distancing. With the insights of Anthroposophic Medicine, we are able to support the self-healing of our Members with medicines, treatments, attention to rest, nourishment, movement, and exposure to light and air. We continue to deeply care for and about each other— an expression of sympathy and human love, that Rudolf Steiner recognized as the embodiment of human culture.

We have also had our challenges. With the COVID-19 outbreak, staffing was impacted by the return to Germany of five live-in Co-worker volunteers. Faithful volunteers from the outer community, the Otto Specht School and Endeavor 21+ programs were no longer able to support us. Many new requirements from the government, management of prevention control, supply procurement, and other emergency preparations have taken much time, money, and human effort.

The Fellowship Community Associates medical office remains open, but regular patient visits have decreased, becoming telephone consults and tele-health visits. The growing intensity of the virus outbreak has had an impact on our income and brought the renovation of the medical office to a standstill.

The work of Anthroposophic Medicine here at the Fellowship Community needs your support! Your generous donation will help us to complete the renovation of the medical office and support the future of the medical work at the Fellowship Community. Please give now, to help Anthroposophic Medicine actively work for healing as we meet new challenges, and allow those we care for to stay healthy and safe.

Warm Regards,

Nancy Leopold, Interim Administrator

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