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Steps We've Taken After the Fire

Dear Friends & Family,

For everyone in the Fellowship Community, Sunday’s fire at Pine Lodge was a traumatic event.  Witnessing our beloved building, and so many personal possessions consumed in the flames, was absolutely heart-wrenching. Fortunately, everyone made it out safely. 

Emergency Actions

As the fire was still burning a broad array of actions were mobilized immediately.  Residents of Pine Lodge were supplied with their most immediate needs: a place to sleep, food, clothing and the replacement of essential belongings.  For the short-term everyone is housed, while long-term solutions for housing and rebuilding are in the works.

On the night of the fire, Sunday May 31st, the Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting.  A clear strategy for immediate support and plans for rebuilding were formulated.

By the next day, volunteers had been found to assist our elder members in replacing lost essentials such as drivers’ licenses, credit cards, car keys, passports, phones etc..  Pine Lodge residents also met with the Fellowship Administrative Group to clarify support systems and discuss long-range plans for the time it will take to rebuild.

The initial insurance inspection also took place this past week.  A rough time line estimate for rebuilding Pine Lodge is about one and half years.  Many more details are being worked on, but it is clear that the funds from the insurance company will not cover all of the temporary needs and the new building costs.


On Monday, June 1st a fundraising campaign to rebuild Pine Lodge was launched.  

You can donate here to support the residents of Pine Lodge and the rebuilding efforts.  Hundreds of people have already responded with generous donations, and we are truly grateful for your care and support.  In addition, Panorama Fundraising has been hired to help raise the necessary capital to rebuild Pine Lodge.

In light of this unexpected tragedy, the fundraising effort that was underway on behalf of the Fellowship Community Associates medical practice has been on hold. We have already raised nearly enough money for the Medical Center Renovations ($95K), and we will revisit raising funds for the Medical Center Development Fund ($300K) at a later time. 

It has been heartwarming to experience how the local Threefold Community and the larger community of Rockland County has rallied around the Fellowship at this time. 

The generous assistance that has come from so many quarters is staggering.  Your support gives us confidence that we can weather this challenge and rebuild together.


Nancy Leopold, Interim Administrator


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