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Reflections on Our Community

by Nancy Leopold, Fellowship Community Co-Administrator

I have a little book. In it are the names of all the people who have lived at the Fellowship Community, and died here. The pages of my book have become cramped with names. On some pages there is only room left in the margins for an addition. When I open that book, I am made small and large at the same time. I am one little point among so many, and as large and encompassing as all beings who have ever lived. For fifty-five years the Fellowship’s mission has connected us to a host of people, living and dead, who are intricately bound together through their love and interest and striving for the Fellowship.

A personal record of the Members of the Fellowship.

In common with them, and all humanity, we face a future that demands our courage and determination to bring into being the highest of human ideals: the care of every human being through all phases of life, the care of the earth upon which we live, the care of a social life worthy of our common humanity. The Fellowship was ahead of its time fifty-five years ago, and today there is a deep commitment throughout the community to re-forge our mission to be of service now and into the future.

Of all the challenges of the past, perhaps none has been as daunting as the pandemic year coupled with the fire that devastated Pine Lodge. Time and again this year, we have been shown that community breeds resiliency. And as a community we not only survive, but thrive.

This is the message of hope that we carry into the future together!


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