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Pine Lodge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

There was a wonderful Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this past weekend to officially mark the opening of the new Pine Lodge residential building at the Fellowship Community.

Members, co-workers, volunteers and honored guests gathered on Sunday in front of Pine Lodge to thank the many people involved in making the new building possible. Recognition was given to building architect Michael Scharff, Sirois Construction and their partners, the Fundraising Committee of the Board of the Trustees, led by Katherine Scharff, Fellowship Administrator Tari Steinrueck, and to all of the Fellowship Community Members.

A special thanks was given to all of the donors who have contributed to make the new building possible. More than 175 people generously gave gifts ranging from $5 to $250,000, and together helped the Fellowship meet and exceed it's fundraising goal for the new building.

From L to R: Michael Scharff, Katherine Scharff, Mayor Presti,Tari Steinrueck, NY State Senator Bill Weber, Deputy Mayor Rose. Front: Ann Scharff.

The Fellowship was honored to host Chestnut Ridge Mayor Rosario Presti and Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose, as well as NY State Senator Bill Weber at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The esteemed guests took a tour of the building after the ceremony, to see the new apartments in Pine Lodge as well as the state of the art geothermal system that will be used to heat and cool the building in a environmentally responsible way.

Fellowship Community Co-Founder Ann Scharff did the honors by cutting the ribbon marking the official opening of the new Pine Lodge.

Co-Founder Ann Scharff cut the ribbon, with her son Michael and daughter Katherine at her side.

It's been a long road to get to this point where we finally have the new Pine Lodge open, and the entire Fellowship Community is very happy and so grateful to everyone who made the new building possible.

Thank you all for your support!


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