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One Member’s View of the Community Council

by Rica Rock, Fellowship Community Member

When invited to become a member of the newly forming Community Council, I felt honored and eager to be a part of such an important endeavor. My expectation was that I would be part of the decision-making process at the Fellowship, and humility not being one of my strong suits, I thought I was full of great ideas and obvious solutions to any issues which might be brought before the council. I have learned a lot since that day in early September 2020. The Council is comprised of 12 members of the community, deliberately chosen to represent a cross-section of the various groups, circles, and constituencies comprising the Fellowship Community.

The past year has seen major adjustments in every detail of actual functioning, and the Community Council itself has gone through changes in venue and procedures to try to keep up with and adjust to pandemic-induced necessities, especially distancing requirements. For me at 90 years, one week, and 3 days of age as I write this, hearing others speaking through masks and from the far end of the largest secure space we could find (Willie’s Work Port, which also serves as the Weavery), is a challenge.

Today was a good day to be “taking stock” of how I see the Community Council, because at our recent weekly meeting the chief agenda item was future directions of the Community. Several members shared from their hearts their thoughts about what was most important to them – what drew them to the Fellowship in the first place.

Although from our very first meeting I felt I knew every one of the 11 other people on the Council, I was deeply moved by their expressions of love for this very special place. To top off this terrific meeting, one member passed out copies of the co-founder, Paul Scharff’s “A History”, which I found to be quite inspiring, I couldn’t stop until I had read it all. At the end of his history, Paul summarizes a short section devoted to Rudolf Steiner’s thinking with the following: “His is a path to truth, beauty and goodness. Such a path is a climb to the summit of an inner Mt. Everest, by no means an easy feat.” My experience in the Community Council has helped me to envision that path for myself.


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