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Naming Ceremony for Bolton Gallery Hall

Members gathered for the naming ceremony of Bolton Gallery Hall.

In late April 2023, Fellowship Community Members gathered together to celebrate the renaming of the hallway gallery space in Hilltop House after Phyllis and Sanford Bolton who were generous benefactors of the Fellowship.

Dr. Steven Johnson and Norma Johnson.

Norma Johnson, Fellowship Member and longtime friend of the Boltons, spoke before the group about their qualities. “Phyllis and Sandy Bolton, the artist and the scientist, each remembered for their unique gifts. Phyllis helped many seeking spiritual development and through art, worked therapeutically. Sandy became an expert as a pharmaceutical statistician and was a professor writing articles, books and practical inventions.”

An art show in Bolton Gallery Hall.

Norma’s son and Fellowship Trustee, Dr. Steven Johnson, shared his memories of the Bolton's as well, including a funny story about them all driving 20 minutes to return to a bakery, at Sandy’s insistence, because they had mistakenly forgotten to give them the free 13th bagel in the baker’s dozen. Fellowship Trustee Mark Finser gave a special thanks to Norma Johnson, for it was her long-time commitment to the Fellowship as a Co-worker, Member and Trustee that inspired the Bolton's to include the community in their estate plans, along with dozens of other charities and nonprofits.

Katherine Scharff unveiling the sign.

President of the Board of Trustees, Katherine Scharff, acknowledged how their gift would have a lasting impact for the community. "We are so grateful to the Boltons for their legacy gift to the Fellowship Community. Their generosity has allowed the Fellowship to renovate three rooms and the art gallery space in the north hallway of Hilltop House. To honor their memory and extraordinary philanthropy, the space has been renamed the Phyllis and Sandford Bolton Gallery Hall.”

After the event, Members enjoyed touring the new rooms, and seeing artwork on display in the gallery space, including four original pieces by Phyllis Bolton as well as other artwork created by Fellowship Community Members.

A handmade plaque by local community woodworker Bill Kelly was commissioned for the event, and will stand as a testament to the Bolton's legacy at the Fellowship Community.

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