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Hilltop House: A Continuum of Care

The Fellowship Community stands out as a more human, less institutional approach to care for the elderly in a beautiful, natural setting. The main building at the Fellowship Community, Hilltop House, is reserved for individuals who require extra support and care with daily living, and who also wish to remain actively engaged in the life of the community.

The Fellowship offers a mix of housing, supervision, personal care and individual support services for Hilltop House residents who enjoy and participate in a variety of activities that meet the needs of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

The Fellowship offers varying levels of care tailored for each individual. In Hilltop House, there are apartments which offer the benefits of being independent but which allow for closer proximity to all community events, meals, and care if necessary, as well as single and double apartments on our care floor for those with greater needs.

Those who move into Hilltop House, whether from independent living or from outside of the community, find themselves in the heart of the community and the activities offered on a daily basis. The convenient living quarters for these residents provide them with greater ease in their daily tasks and accessibility to meals and community events. The Fellowship Community is best known for its delicious, homemade, farm-to-table organic food that is nutritious and prepared with love and care. Executive chef Nick Centolanza leads the culinary staff, supplied with seasonal organic vegetables, dairy products and fresh eggs from our own Biodynamic farm. Members and Co-workers alike share in the community meal experience, and the quality of the food revitalizes us all.

To learn more about the care received in Hilltop House and life at the Fellowship Community, please visit our website at or call the Foundation Office at 845-356-8494 ext. 2.

If you’ve never visited here before, we hope that you will schedule a tour and come experience the Fellowship Community firsthand!


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