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Fire at the Fellowship

Dear Friends & Family,

It's a sad time at the Fellowship Community...

On Sunday, May 31st a fire started in Pine Lodge, where 11 retired elders and 2 co-workers lived, and where our community guest accommodations and Weavery were located.

Thankfully all 13 residents and guests of Pine Lodge were able to get out safely. Unfortunately, the building and all personal belongings were destroyed. It's a monumental loss.

The Fellowship Community is grateful to the local fire department and police officers for their help in containing the fire and keeping everyone safe. We are fortunate and thankful to have the support of the larger community with gifts of clothing, food, and places to stay for those in need right now.

The Fellowship Community has insurance for Pine Lodge. However, there will be expenses that won't be covered. We are currently assessing the situation.

We will keep you informed over the coming days and weeks about the situation as new details unfold.

Click here to donate now to help those affectd by the fire at Pine Lodge.

As always, thank you for your loving support from all of us at the Fellowship Community.


Nancy Leopold, Interim Administrator


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