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Fellowship Community Launches Comprehensive Campaign

On May 31, 2020, a fire destroyed our beloved Pine Lodge. The entire community is so grateful that all 13 residents were able to escape safely and a year later, are doing well. Many of you gave generously to our crowdfunding campaign to provide temporary housing for displaced residents and we are so grateful for your care and support!

As plans for a new building come together, we are pleased to announce Rebuilding and Reimagining Our Future: A Campaign for The Fellowship Community. We need your help at this critical point in our development to raise the funds to meet immediate needs and strengthen the foundation of the community to last far into the future.

The main pillars of the campaign include raising funds to rebuild the Pine Lodge residence that was destroyed by fire, to fortify Hilltop House, the main building on campus and the heart of the Fellowship, with critical upgrades to its infrastructure, and to support our community Members, including those who need financial assistance to continue to live at the Fellowship through the remainder of their lives.

If you’re interested in supporting this endeavor, please contact us at 845-356-8494 ext. 1131 or at We would be more than happy to share more details about this important and historic endeavor!


Donate now to support the Fellowship Community!

Your support helps to stabilize and strengthen the Fellowship Community, allowing for a continuation of unparalleled care for the elderly in a loving and safe environment well into the future.

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Your support makes all the difference. Thank You!


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