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Assessing Our Loss

Dear Friends & Family,

It's been more than a week since the devastating fire at Pine Lodge, and so much of our world at the Fellowship Community has been overtaken by the loss from the fire. Aside from the emotional pain and trauma the fire has caused, it's clear this disaster will have significant impact on Fellowship Community. 

Assessing Our Loss

Early estimates, while still rough, are quite daunting, indicating substantial financial resources will be needed to help the Fellowship weather this crisis. 

Supporting Displaced Residents

We have 11 elderly members and 2 co-workers who lost their homes and all of their belongings in the fire. We are working on finding temporary housing for them on campus or nearby while Pine Lodge is being rebuilt. 

Rebuilding Pine Lodge

We are currently assessing the out-of-pocket costs for rebuilding our beloved Pine Lodge to be in the millions of dollars. We will continue to refine these numbers to determine the true costs as our understanding of the situation unfolds.


We are heartened by the response and donations that we've received in just a week! Over 300 people have donated more than $70,000 to help the residents and to rebuild Pine Lodge.

You can donate here to support the Fellowship Community and those directly affected by the fire at Pine Lodge. 

Local Support

We are pleased to announce that some of our local politicians are coming to visit the Fellowship this week to review the damage and assess the situation. 

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, Senator David Carlucci and Assistant Mayor Grant Valentin will be on hand to tour the fire site and to meet in person with some of the residents of Pine Lodge who lost their homes. We hope they will provide assistance in rebuilding Pine Lodge with financial and government support.  

We are humbled and moved by your continued generosity and support of our beloved community. Thank you!

Click here to donate now to support the Fellowship Community. 


Nancy Leopold, Interim Administrator


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