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Our Doctors


Dr. Gerald F. Karnow, M.D.

Dr. Karnow is a general practice and family physician specializing in Anthroposophic medicine.  
Dr. Karnow attended medical school at University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, graduating in 1974, then began research into in neuroendocrinology and pathology. After some study in Europe, Dr. Karnow and his wife moved to the Fellowship Community in 1978 to begin work with Dr. Paul W. Scharff and his work towards creating a more human-centered approach to elder care.

Dr. Karnow's vast experience working with the young, the middle-aged and the elders who live and work at the community has brought broad insights into the healing of the whole person, using homeopathic remedies, as well as general medicines where appropriate and needed.
Dr. Karnow is a renowned lecturer, speaking on the indications of Austrian doctor and philosopher Rudolf Steiner and its application in the medical arts.  


Dr. Yuklin Ling, M.D.

Dr. Yuklin Ling has been with the Fellowship Community Medical Associates for over 5 years. She is board certified in emergency medicine with over 20 years of experience.  Yuklin has IPMT anthroposophic medical training and works as a consultant for a wide range of medical issues including; geriatrics, pediatrics, women’s health, trauma, and cancer therapy.  Besides working in the Fellowship Community's medical practice, Yuklin works in emergency medicine and urgent care. 

Yuklin enjoys singing and ballroom dancing.  She and her husband Eric, have a daughter who attends Green Meadow Waldorf School. 

Dr. Ling is available for appointments at the Fellowship Community Medical Office where she uses conventional, natural and anthroposophic practices in her treatment. She looks forward to meeting with you on your path to wellness. 

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