Duryea Dairy & Farm Project

New Initiative! Threefold Educational Foundation’s Pfeiffer Center and The Fellowship Community’s Duryea Farm have combined farming and educational activities in a new cooperative endeavor, creating a mutually supportive association of work and community.

From its beginnings, the Fellowship Community had gardens; its members were committed to growing as much of their own food as possible, and to being good stewards of their land. So naturally they were delighted when John Duryea offered them the opportunity to buy Duryea Farm and keep the original 33 acres intact and under cultivation.


Today, Duryea Farm and the Fellowship Community have a dairy and a small herd of about 10 Jersey cows, as well as sheep, chickens, and honeybees. There are 10 acres of vegetables and 30 acres of pasture and hay fields. We also raise herbs, flowers, berries, and grapes. ​The dairy supplies the Hill Top House kitchens with pasteurized milk and cheeses, and a special raw milk license allows the Fellowship to sell raw milk to a limited amount of customers.


This not only offsets the cost of buying milk and milk products for the community, it allows us to have better control over how the milk is processed, what is fed to the cows, and how our animals are treated. Rudolf Steiner's indications and Dr. Pfeiffer's research have led us to follow biodynamics in our produce and milk production, and you can taste the difference!

Looking to try our milk? Come stop by!

We sell our milk at Duryea Farm on Mondays.

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